In the long river of time, just few year is but a moment. But for Merrycorn Pte. Ltd, it is unforgettable, full of countless hard work and sweat behind it.But also filled with passion and hope. Here, we express our heartfelt thanks to you who help Merrycorn grow up.


In pace with the ability to provide more ranges of products, our team devote ourselves to promoting our products in different targeted market lined with product feature and geographical trends of agricultural development. In which it could improve our marker share worldwide correspondingly.


As the market competition get more and more fierce, the theme of “high quality come first” becomes our Merrycorn's guidelines. Thus we will do our best to implement brand strategy with providing high quality product to segment markets. Meanwhile to be recognized by our customers by deeply rooted brand in their heart.


To be more competitive, Merrycorn plans to provide systematic service in line with selling process.Like improving logistic, financing, sourcing ability,etc. Only by improving ourselves, can we be in strong position in this business line.