With more than 20 years experience in fertilizer line of Merrycorn's founders, Merrycorn now is experienced for logistics which has contributed significantly to our flexible and diverse transportation choices to our customer as a trust partner. Our Logistic supply chain include but not limited to establish strategic agreement with world-class carrier and forwarding companies, ports, inspection companies, financial institutions, and insurance companies, above which supports us in ensuring a safe and secure supply chain. It is our company regulations to send our own company's port captains to load port and discharge port to supervise the handling of the goods. Goods are closely tracked from receipt to final destination by our highly skilled operations team, whether shipped by bulk carrier, barge, container, etc.


Exclusive export agency 

Since signing exclusive export Agreement with Hubei Sanning Chemical Industry Co.,ltd in 2014. Which give Merrycorn more competitive and stable high-quality fertilizer with favorable price.

Sanning located in Yichang city, Hubei province china which is famous with its high-quality products and almost full range of fertilizer categories, which has more than 3-million-tonnes fertilizer capacity. E-mail: info@merrycorn.com


Flexible Payment Terms 

To meet our customer's working capital needs, with our strong, highly liquid capital structure and good credit rating records in our issuing bank gives us the ability to provide our customers by extending product payment terms using a variety of structures specifically tailored to accommodate their needs.


Trade financing

To solve capital shortage, we now are able to offer our product suppliers advance payments financing like in the format of SBLC etc. We regularly work with our suppliers to develop structures that provide them with maximum access to liquidity .


Diverse product supply chain 

Like shopping basket, Merrycorn can supply all products as above lists in one and more lots to help our customers deducting freight cost and perfect product assignment in their markets. Depending on various needs of end-customers, Merrycorn implements a flexible combined shipment. The transport mode can be tailored to bulk cargo or container cargo, either on FOB basis or on CFR basis.