Merrycorn is an international trading company in fertilizer and relevant chemicals industry with its head office in Singapore and representative offices in Beijing and Yichang, China.



Merrycorn is involved in finished fertilizer and chemicals exporting and distributing from its foundation on, including a wide variety of nitrogen-base fertilizer, phosphate -base fertilizer, compound fertilizer, water soluble fertilizers and sulphur. Our trade volume keeps at 10,000,000.00 metric tons per year and sales turnover more than 30million US dollars.



In 2014, Merrycorn became the exclusive fertilizer export agent of Hubei Sanning Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd and Zhijiang City Quanhuining Chemical Co., Ltd. Which give Merrycorn great priority to purchase customized products with high quality and support stable supply source to our extent. Meanwhile,after years of industrial work, Merrycorn has established long-term MOU with nearly 20 China domestic fertilizers factories from north China to South China which give Merrycorn more choices to supply suited cargo to different customers. That is why Merrycorn is able to provide combined shipment of various fertilizer products and cost-saving logistic solutions to shorten delivery period, simplify operation and reduce transport cost.